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One of the things that we struggle with as entrepreneurs – specially if you’re starting your business while you’re still working full-time – is that we get so sidetracked by wearing so many different hats.

The reason this is a problem is because you end up with a stack of unfinished business, always playing catch-up and feeling completely overwhelmed. Can you relate?

I totally get it though. It’s so easy to get what they call Entrepreneurial ADD. The first couple of years in our businesses, we spend our days being our own accountant, the graphic designer, product creator, social media manager, etc. etc. So, it’s no wonder we don’t have time to actually complete those projects we want to finish up.

No need to freak out though. I have a little trick that I use and I want to share it with you because it has been very helpful for me in my business.

[image url=”×200.jpg” alignment=”left” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”12″ margin_top=”8″ margin_bottom=”8″ width=”300″ height=”200″]One of the things that I do to make sure that I stay creative within my business yet get to what’s really important for me and my business is to schedule Self-Appointments.

I know, it sounds a little crazy. Almost like having an imaginary friend. Don’t worry, I promise you won’t be talking to yourself out loud (totally OK if you do though).

Here is deal. As a creative entrepreneur (or business-owner in the making), you need to hold a bigger vision for your little business so that you can grow it to that idyllic goal.

And in order to do that, you need to be able to step aside from wearing all your hats and just be you for a couple of hours. Give yourself that time to be creative with your work and focus on the one thing that will take you to the next step.

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Here is what I do…

I schedule a block of time with myself: a Self-Appointment. So instead of having an appointment with my webmaster or an appointment with a potential client or business partner, what I do is physically schedule on my calendar a two hour block for myself.

This is my time to get creative to come up with new ideas for my business, to come up with a new strategies on how to grow my business, and to really focus on one topic at the time.

That way I make sure I have that time cleared up just for myself so that I don’t have to worry about other distractions. Now the key to making this work is to actually commit to keeping that blocked time for yourself.

Now, what if you haven’t even started your business yet? Same idea. If you really are serious about ditching your boring job and creating a career you truly love, then you need to start by getting clear on what you want. And that won’t happen while you’re too busy paying bills, doing house chores and working overtime.

So, I invite you to block those two hours (I’d say start by doing this once a month and then progressively more often).

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Here’s what I’d like you to do:

  • First identify what is one thing that you need to get done this month
  • Then you need to clear out a couple of hours in your calendar, and actually schedule them in
  • Make a list of all the resources you need in order for completing that task (crafting materials, books, internet connection)
  • Create an environment conducive for you to get inspired. It should feel like your own little paradise. So, put some nice music on (nothing too distracting), light some candles or go sit in a shaded grassy area if the day is nice.
  • And then just have fun! Get creative… get lost in thought and put pencil to paper so you can really design that amazing life you so want and deserve!

OK gorgeous, now it’s your turn! You know the first step to making things happen is commitment and making yourself accountable. So, type in the comments below the date of your next Self-Appointment so we can hold each other accountable.

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Jennifer Kent is an award-winning entrepreneur who helps you define your dream career and ditch your boring job.



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Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent is an award-winning entrepreneur who helps you define your dream career and ditch your boring job.