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I was reading Entrepreneur Magazine when I noticed something interesting. You know how you see ads in magazines for Dunkin’ Donuts, The UPS Store, or Jimmy John’s?  Well, typically those ads are addressing you as a consumer and want you to go buy their products or services.

But in this case,  the ad for Jimmy John’s in Entrepreneur Magazine was entirely different.  This particular ad was to actually open a franchise.  The second I saw this, it completely opened my eyes to the importance and the impact our environment has on us.

Jimmy John's Ad

One thing you need to become aware of as you embark on this career change adventure, is that there will be moments when you will feel like a fish out of water in your immediate surroundings.  And it makes total sense when you think about it, because you are trying to do something different than everybody around you, for the most part.

You see, most people’s idea of a successful life is to graduate from college, get a job and cross their fingers they can retire from that job in 40-55 years so that they can then start living their dreams. So, this whole entrepreneurial thing will be completely absurd to them.

Something that I heard a long time ago, which really made an impact when it came to building my business, is that you become the average of the five closest people to you.  In other words, over time, you begin to think, act, and look like the people you surround yourself with.

And boy, was that an eye opener!

All of a sudden you become very aware that if you want to succeed you need to surround yourself by success. You need to surround yourself by people who will understand your pain, your struggles, and celebrate your successes with you.

Here are five things you can start doing right away to create an environment that will help you start, sustain and grow your vision.

Number 1Start Reading Good Stuff

This will help your creative process and it will ignite new ideas that can lead to business ventures. For instance, next time you’re at the magazine stand, instead of picking up a Peoples Magazine, make sure that you get a magazine that is tailored to your industry.  One of my go to blogs is Entrepreneur.com because they always come up with awesome tips and their articles are full of inspirational success stories.

number (3)Sign up for MeetUps

That are filled with people who are already doing what you want to do.  That way you get to see people who are further ahead in the game than you are and can pick up a few things here and there to model (besides the fact that you can see how they started their own business and somehow didn’t explode. They survived)

number (2)Join a Mastermind

This has been by far the best decision I have made for myself and my business. I would not be where I am today without a tight knit network of other women who share a bigger vision of themselves and hold me powerful no matter what. So, I definitely advise that you join or create a mastermind that meets consistently and has some sort of structure and an overall goal.

number (1)Stay away from the Naysayers

There will always be people out there that think they know what’s best for you or that want to convince you that it can’t be done because that’s not their vision of how life should be.  It’s totally OK for them to think and feel that way… about their lives. But what may work for them may not work for you.  So, have conviction in your dream… and then go make it happen!

numberDeclutter Your Environment

It’s actually very empowering to create the space in your life for this new vision of you and your career.  Now, I’m not telling you to go OCD on me. In fact, I’m actually not super neat.  But, decluttering your space and your life allows you to let go of things, people and emotions that may be holding you back and open up the space for new things to enter into your life.  Oprah actually talks about this all the time and many can attest to how Feng Shui has completely changed their lives. So, go ahead and create that space to allow this new version of you, and this new career vision, materialize.

Now it’s  your turn gorgeous! I would love to hear from you… what has been your biggest struggle when it comes to your career change?  What has worked and what hasn’t? Share your ideas, and stories below.

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Jennifer Kent is an award-winning entrepreneur who helps you define your dream career and ditch your boring job.



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Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent is an award-winning entrepreneur who helps you define your dream career and ditch your boring job.


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