Top 10 Ways to Cope with Job Transition

job transition

Job transitions can be stressful—whether they’re due to a career change, layoff, or a new job. 


There are so many different moving parts to your job transition. There is the whole “What Now?” that comes with any new territory. Of course you also worry about your money situation, your living situation, your career path, and all of this can start to build up and feel overwhelming.  And unless you take control of the situation right away, it can really spin out of control pretty quickly.

If you’re facing one, consider the following:

1. Take an honest look at yourself. This is the perfect time to look at yourself objectively. We tend to go through life without taking the time to really do some self-analysis. During this shift, you can do just that! Here are some probing questions: What are your strengths, weaknesses, skills? How can those influence—positively or negatively—your transition? I discuss all this in more detail here: Lifehacking Your Career Change

2. Step up your self-care. Major changes are physically and emotionally taxing. You need self-care now more than ever. This is the time to nourish your soul, and really energize your body, mind and spirit.

3. Engage your curiosity. This is one of my favorite parts, because you can actually make this transition fun! Engage in your curiosity and use it to propel you forward. Ask yourself things like: What could I have done different? What was working really well in my previous situation? What went wrong, or right? What could you have done better? What worked really well?

4. Focus on what you want, and less on what you don’t want. Keep your eye on the prize. Get really frakkin excited! This is a rare opportunity for you to re-create the destination of your life. Remember

“You can’t get what you want unless you know what it is first” << Click To Tweet

5. Find support. Since your transition affects your immediate family as well (even indirectly), it may be better to seek the outside support of friends or professionals. Change is always challenging because it often often means that we need to step outside of our comfort zone and having the right support system can really make a big difference. I encourage you to seek support through friends, colleagues, or professionals who are trained to encourage you and help stretch your own limits.

6. Work on your thoughts. Calm your fears and reinforce your sense of hope and happiness. You know that I am big on really embracing the fact that you are what you think. And when it comes to a big change like this it’s so important to continue to create a positive environment, both outside as well as within yourself.

7. Reassure (or avoid) those who are threatened by, or jealous of, the change. One thing to know is that not everyone will be as supportive and excited as you may want them to be. And that’s OK, just prepare yourself for it.

8. Create your own rite of passage. Ceremony and ritual help with all transitions. So this is a good time to kind of draw a line on the sand and acknowledge a new beginning.

9. Let go of how things were “supposed to be” and accept “how things are.” Find appreciation for what is. I love this quote by Joseph Campbell:

[blockQuote position=”center”]We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us[/blockQuote]

That pretty much sums up Tip #9. Just let it go…

10. Keep things in perspective. Or try on a new perspective. Don’t get stuck. Remember, the only constant is change.

And that’s it! Go out there and rock it gorgeous!

Now, I want to hear from you… In the comments below, tell me: What was your favorite tip and why? and How do YOU deal with change?

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Jennifer Kent is an award-winning entrepreneur who helps you define your dream career and ditch your boring job.



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Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent is an award-winning entrepreneur who helps you define your dream career and ditch your boring job.