7 Signs You Have a Toxic Boss

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Since we spend so much time at the office, the people we work with have a great impact in the quality of our lives. And if you have a toxic boss it can really drag you down (both emotionally and professionally).

That’s why it is so important to tune in and identify the signs of a toxic boss as early as possible.

So, how do you know if you have a Toxic Boss? Here are 7 signs you should be looking for:

1. Closed door policy:

No matter what’s going on in your team or project, she’s always behind closed doors and “Just figure it out!” is one of her favorite phrases.

When dealing with a boss like this, it’s always good to let them know that you need their support but assure them that you can be independent. You can say something like this: “Hey! I know you’re really busy. But I’m stuck on this task. Can you give me three resources I can use in order to research the solution and complete my task?”

2. Plays favorite:

Although it is completely normal for people to have more affinity with certain personality types, it is not professional to blatantly play favorites with team members. This can create a tense environment for coworkers and even some friction among peers.

3. Constantly changes her mind:

Have you ever walked out of a meeting feeling dizzy and perhaps even a little crazy because your manager spinned that task around so many times you don’t even know where to start? Or your boss often times gives you one set of direction when she hands you a project and then changes her mind once you submit your work for review?

The first thing to note is that this is not your fault! Then, if it is a legitimate change try and find out the reason for the changes. Now, if this is just a daily habit then your best bet is to make sure you have clear directions the first time around. Take notes during the meeting so you have something to refer back to and then pick a lane and stick to it.

4. Expects you to work after hours:

Although I am a fan of doing what it takes to get your work done so that it satisfies you and your work ethics, your boss should not expect you to pick up your phone if she calls you after hours or over the weekend. And you definitely shouldn’t be expected to work during that time.

Make sure to set boundaries from the beginning so that your managers and coworkers know what to expect.

5. Happy Hour for me, NOT you!

I truly believe in teaching through example. You have to be able to walk your talk in order to expect results from others. So you may have a toxic boss if she is running out of the office at 4 o’clock to hit the closest happy hour but expects you to stay in the office until 9PM working on her project.

6. Always threatening to replace you:

Theoretically speaking, when it comes to a job, yes you are replaceable. However, I know you are unique and bring your own awesome sauce to your work.

No matter who you are, it is always nice to know that you are appreciated. So if you have a boss who is constantly reminding you that you are nothing but a number and you can be quickly replaced, then honey there’s your sign!

7. Throws you under the bus:

There is nothing that screams louder Toxic Boss than someone who will quickly throw you under the bus, especially at a meeting with a client. I’m not saying that your boss has to agree with you 100% of the time. But minimizing you or questioning your credibility in front of a client can be lethal to your career.

If that ever happens, make sure you pull your boss aside after the incident and privately discuss the matter. Be professional,  assertive and open to constructive criticism.

Bonus: You dread going into work:

Granted you may dislike going to the office for many different reasons, but having a nightmare of a boss doesn’t help. If you are constantly dreading going into work or meeting with your boss, chances are you are dealing with a toxic boss and should start paying attention to the signs and plan a strategy to deal with it.

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Now it’s your turn gorgeous! I want to hear from you, have you dealt with a toxic boss? If so, leave a comment below with some tips of your own on how you handled the situation.

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Jennifer Kent is an award-winning entrepreneur who helps you define your dream career and ditch your boring job.



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Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent is an award-winning entrepreneur who helps you define your dream career and ditch your boring job.