How to Feel More Connected with Job Right Now


If you want to feel more connected to your current job, I have three simple tips that will help.

Hello, this is Jennifer Kent, founder of The Guava Project where I help you ditch your boring job so that you can build a life and a business that you love and deserve.

In today’s episode of Career Bliss Thursday, I have a very simple way where you can feel way more connected to your current job so your career transition can go very smoothly.

Let’s dive in. I get that being in a job that you don’t absolutely love can be very challenging and I totally get it because I’ve been there so trust me, I know. However, I also know that there are many reasons why you’re still at this job.

Maybe it’s because you’re building your business on the side and you still need a steady paycheck or maybe it’s because you’re going back to school to get more training before you completely transition into your new career or maybe you’re just using this as your bridge job, your in between. You’re going through your career transition and you decided to take this job just to get some cash flowing in while you build your client list or whatever it is. Whatever the reason is, they’re all valid reasons.

However, there are ways to feel more connected right now so that you don’t have to feel all yucky every time you go to work.

Here are the three ways that you can just make that day to day feel more meaningful:

1. Keep it positive:

The First Way is: I want you to think about every morning before you go into work having the intention to have a positive day at work.

I know that’s easier said than done sometimes, but just setting that intention and setting that switch of “no matter what happens today, I’m going in with my best foot forward and I am going to present my best self” on, because I am a strong believer that however you do one thing is how you do everything so keeping a positive attitude will help you to create those habits that you’re going to need as you build your new business or as you build your skills going into your new career, whatever that career is.

First and foremost, however you do one thing, you do everything… so make sure that you’re being the superstar that I know you are!

2. Your purpose is in what you give:

Second, I want you to look for opportunities within your current organization for volunteering positions, volunteering opportunities. Whether they have an earth day or event that they do every year, you can jump in and help out so that you feel like you’re adding into this organization, as well as you’re adding to the world. You’re doing something meaningful!

So, look for different ways to put your two cents and volunteer. That can just kind of expand your day to day job, your day to day tasks that are routine assignments. Maybe there’s a diversity group that you can join with the organization or you can be the fun committee. I don’t know. Just look for ways to volunteer so that you can feel like there’s a reason why you’re there.

3. You may already have your dream job:

Last but not least, I also want you to look for the opportunities. You got into this job to begin with for a reason, and maybe originally you fell in love with a certain part of your job and there’s other parts that you don’t love so much, which is why you’re looking to transition into a new career.

But I guarantee you that there are some crossovers right there. There are some crossovers from the things that you love in this job that you’re looking to get out of, and the things that are driving you and calling you into this new career.

Make sure you look for whatever those crossovers are and try to focus. Those days that you’re just dragging at work and you can’t find that spark, try to focus your energy into those activities that really fuel your tank so that you can get some momentum going.

Those are three simple ways that you can just find some meaning and really connect with your current job as you create this transition into whatever new path you’re taking.

I want to hear from you now.

What are some ways that you look for a positive spin in a job that maybe you don’t love so much?

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Until our next episode of Career Bliss Thursday, I want to wish you lots of love and success. Bye



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Jennifer Kent is an award-winning entrepreneur who helps you define your dream career and ditch your boring job.



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Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent is an award-winning entrepreneur who helps you define your dream career and ditch your boring job.