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[blockQuote position=”center”]Every success starts with the first step[/blockQuote]  

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One Brilliant Tip To Getting Things Done

Creative woman half size

One of the things that we struggle with as entrepreneurs – specially if you’re starting your business while you’re still working full-time – is that we get so sidetracked by wearing so many different hats. The reason this is a problem is because you end up with a stack of unfinished business, always playing catch-up…

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Why It’s OK To Have Multiple Careers


One of the most common questions I get is “How do I figure out what to do for a living?“ And I get it. I struggled with this for many years. After investing a hefty amount of time and moolah into my education, I felt like I had to stick around as an Engineer and…

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When Life Throws You Lemons


I love the variation of the saying: [blockQuote position=”center”]When Life Gives You Lemons, Get Some Salt and Tequila[/blockQuote] … even though I don’t really like Tequila {insert horrible college story here}. In recent days, my home country of Venezuela has lived through days of grief, pain, desperation and chaos. Complete chaos. If you are unfamiliar…

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Lifehacking Your Career Change

Career Change

So, I was pondering back on my (long windy road) to get here. It was scary. Overwhelming. And yes, sloooowwww! When you’re plopped in front of a desk, day in and day out and you are not ignited with passion every time you tackle a project, hours can feel like years, no, decades! And you…

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Flash Giveaway!

The Desire Map

In support of the awesome Danielle LaPorte and her newly launched Desire Map Book Club (if you haven’t joined one yet hurry up and do it!), I am running a Flash Giveaway! Woo hoo! I believe in the principles of The Desire Map so wholeheartedly that I am giving YOU the opportunity to get on…

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Career Bliss Thursday – How Do You Value What You Do?

As an entrepreneur or somebody who is thinking of starting a new business, I know first hand that it can be a daunting task to figure out just how the heck to price your products and services and more importantly to be really connected with the value that you add to your client’s lives through…

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Career Bliss Thursday – Do You Want To Be A Millionaire?

[hr toptext=”” size=”superTiny” custom_size=”” hide_mobile_hr=”false”] As entrepreneurs sometimes we get a bit dreamy and imagine all these amazing possibilities of how our business is going to make us millionaires. And I totally think it is possible to have a 7 Figure business. I just want you to get clear on what it would take to…

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Spotlight – Mariana Feely from Mariana Feely Photography

Spotlight Mariana

[SPOTLIGHT] Latina Entrepreneur Of The Month ~ Where I get the chance to share with all you ladies the journey of someone who was in your shoes at one point, took the leap and has gone from Full-Time Employee to Entrepreneur. I have known Mariana for a long time; she’s a very special friend of…

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Career Bliss Thursday: Should I Quit My Job

A lot of people trying to move from a full time job into their heart-based business run into the daunting question: When Should I Quit My Job? I’m walking you here in this video through some easy to follow steps that can help you map out your exit strategy. Of course only YOU hold that…

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